Prayer - “Let us be solid enough”

2011年12月17日 チャリティーコンサート『祈り』
Rev. Nathan Brownell UCCJ missionary to Japan

Lord. We gather to pray. It is the season when we celebrate your birth. It is Winter in our part of the world. It is the season when leaves, having turned colors, fall from the trees. Our distance from the sun makes it colder, so we shiver outside. We spend more time indoors. Daylight is shorter, so we turn on more lights. The shadows grow longer more quickly -- so we rush about -- as if to avoid our own shadows. After all, there is so much to do that there is not enough time and we forget you. Forgive us Lord.

Helpless Cries

9/11 security hijacked - crushed

  • stewards and stewardesses overwhelmed
  • pilots killed
    • orders to remain seated and not to do anything
  • planes piercing buildings
  • flames forcing thousands
    • down stairs
    • from windows
  • livelihoods and lives pulverized
  • helpless cries

3/11 security washed away

  • coastguard and communities overwhelmed
  • seamen and women killed
    • orders to evacuate or to remain
  • waves crashing over seawalls
  • water forcing thousands
    • up hills
    • from towns
  • livelihoods and lives washed away
  • desperate cries

3/11 insecurity exposed

  • impenetrable facilities and administrations overwhelmed
  • technicians and workers killed
    • orders to evacuate or to remain
  • radiation bombarding bodies
  • radiation forcing untold culls
    • of livestock
    • of crops
  • livelihoods and lives exiled
  • helpless cries

O LORD. We hear of wars and rumors of wars and are afraid. We feel helpless and want to hide ourselves. Deliver us from the fear of our own shadows and let us learn the value the shadow we cast -- Grant us to be just solid enough to cast your silhouete...